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Giulia Bianchi
Former resident at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

Exhibition at Museu de Arte Brasileira, Sao Paulo, until 12/02/2023
+33 6 19 67 63 81

Giulia Bianchi creates images surrounded by synesthesia, evoking textures, aromas and flavors through painting and drawing. Her research unfolds the possibilities of the surface, body and sensations, focusing on everyday phenomena to renew her gaze with references to the history of art and her surroundings.


Born in Sao Paulo in 1990, she was interested in drawing from an early age, which motivated her to study Visual Arts. In addition to graduation, she studied painting with the artist Paulo Whitaker and worked with Henrique Oliveira. She took part in the workshop Procedência & Propriedade, taught by Charles Watson, and was part of the study group curated by Ana Paula Cohen and artist Thiago Honório. Held several group exhibitions and the first individual was at Museu de Arte de Blumenau.



In 2022, the artist resided for eight months at the Cité Intenationale des Arts, in Paris, awarded by FAAP Artistic Residency Program. During the residency, in addition to deepening her research and studies on the still life genre, she also took her research into painting from an anthropological perspective: “In French food crops, taste have specific characteristics that come not only from the climate or geography of a region, but also from the culture involved. It's what they call "terroir". My expectation was to connect painting with the French land and culture, thinking about what it would be like to create a “pictorial terroir”.

The exhibition of the paintings made during the residency takes place at the Museu de Arte Brasileira, with visitation until February 12, 2023.

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